Tormenta para fin de semana de Madres

Un vistazo a las temperaturas y el pronóstico para el fin de semana del 'Día de las Madres'.

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Cortesía Brandon Scneider/9news
Una de las mentadas tormentas de mayo arribará a nuestra zona para el fin de semana de las Madres con vientos de alta intensidad, lluvia y frío, según el meteorólogo Glenn Schwartz.
La presión alta es la responsable de las tormentas. El mapa adjunto muestra el patrón de movimiento.
El área purpura en Canadá representa la presión sobre el promedio. Se conoce como “blocking high” y es más extrema que la parte superior que se ve sobre Arizona. Estos fuerzan la baja presión del aire superior retrase la llegada de las precipitaciones. Mira lo que pasa tres días después:
The “Blocking HIGH” is still in Eastern Canada, and the remnants of that Arizona upper-air LOW are now in the middle of the U.S. If the HIGH wasn’t there, the Arizona storm would be weak and move quickly into the Atlantic. But it won’t. Here is what the map will look like by Sunday morning:
Here we go again. The upper-air LOW is now just off the Jersey shore, and is much stronger. That upper-air pattern results in a strong, slow-moving storm at the surface:
The above is the computer forecast map for 8 p.m. Saturday. At this time, it should be raining all over our area, some of it heavy. It will be windy and chilly as well.
And the blocking pattern has caused that storm (the “Nor’easter”) to move less than 10 mph, making it affect Mother’s Day too. That means a cloudy, windy, chilly Sunday, with at least some rain, mainly in the morning. It will be less rain than Saturday, though.
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Any differences with other computer models?nNot much. They have similar positioning, strength, speed, and rainfall. Here is a comparison of total rainfall predictions for the U.S. and Canadian models:
They look a lot alike.
Generally, around 2” to 3” over the weekend, with most of the rain falling during the day Saturday and Saturday night.
We’ll have updated forecasts on the details, such as temperatures, wind, and rain totals, but I’m afraid the verdict is pretty clear: a washout Saturday and Saturday night, with a less nasty day (but no picnic) Sunday.